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Free Orlando Short Sale

Dear Homeowner: Are you considering a SHORT SALE?   How would you like the services of a Professional & Experienced Real Estate ATTORNEY and REALTOR absolutely FREE*.  I promise there is no catch.

To you, the homeowner: I am providing the services of a  professional and experienced real estate attorney for FREE*, there is  No application fees, No-Obligation consultation, No upfront expenses, No commissions, No title fees, No out of pocket or at Closing expense, for the service*. The bank pays most of these costs and in some cases you might even be entitled to receive money from the bank, up to $30,000 (see latest news section of this website). Even if the bank does not accept the short sale, or we do not close for any reason whatsoever (which means that we do not get paid!), the attorney and I still do not charge you, PERIOD! You truly get the services of Orlando Fl short sale experts !

If this is what you are looking for, then read on…

We understand, you could be facing one or more of the above mentioned hardships and the housing crisis has put many homeowners like you in default, negative equity, and in foreclosure. Many homeowners believe that foreclosure and/or bankruptcy is their only solution. In our opinion, short sale is the best option. We are the answer to the short sale process, so let us negotiate your short sale using our exclusive training, experience and revolutionary software. We substantially shorten the short sale process and have an outstanding success rate of 94% in getting your transaction approved and closed.

The following are just a few of the benefits we use to negotiate your short sale:
1.Required documentation of a complete short sale package for submission to the lender(s).
2.Compilation of the documents and agreements to list the property on the market.
3.To market the property so as to quickly find a buyer.
4.Obtain a short sale offer and negotiate a contract.
5.A title search will be ordered to check any hidden title defects and monitor the title status. All lien holders will be contacted and amounts owed negotiated if necessary.
6.Review of seller documentation prior to submission for completeness and errors.
7.Immediate notification to the lenders of our negotiating role in the transaction and to Stop Harassing Bank Calls.
8.We will hold escrow deposits and provide FREC acceptable receipts for same.
9.Preparation of a Preliminary HUD for submission with short sale package.
10.Weekly update calls to lenders, more if circumstances require and appropriate file history updates. All parties will be called immediately if action is required.
11.We will obtain all HOA payoffs and lien releases.
12.Check unrealistic BPO offers against our listing offer with revolutionary software.
13.Analyze the amount the bank will consider or accept if it takes the house in foreclosure vs. short sale. This is significant and effective evaluation.
14.Scrutinize & monitor approval deadlines and obtain extensions if necessary.
15.Organize and coordinate the date and time with all parties.
16.We will set up the closure of the short sale and also fund the deal!

Work with the Orlando Fl short sale experts:  a professional short sale Attorney and Realtor.

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*No Charge for transactions $100,000 or more